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Artisan winegrowers

Men and women who are passionate about their terroir and who make use of their expertise year after year.


The thirteen founder members, apostles of a terroir a thousand years old, have since blossomed into a group of 200 artisan winegrowers sharing the same name: Le Terroir Daronton.

Everyone meticulously tends their vines, vintage after vintage, using methods handed down from generations and pooling their resources. These men and women are passionate winegrowers who work hard in their vineyards every day while taking care to protect the environment and promote biodiversity. 

Cooperating in a unique way, Rhonéa artisan winegrowers look after their family-owned vineyards with the greatest respect for local traditions.

Yesterday, we were separate families of artisan winegrowers participating in the social and solidarity economy. Today we are a single large family sharing the same ideals and the same name: Rhonéa.

We are all different and each one of us has something to contribute to this large family.  Rhonéa is first and foremost a new way of cooperating turned towards the future and focusing on people so that our employees and artisans can express their creativity and individualism on behalf of Terroir Daronton.

We do our utmost every day to respect and to be worthy of the land left to us by our ancestors by committing to sustainable development. Doing so and working in harmony with nature is difficult and challenging, but essential for future generations.

We decided to sign and adhere to the Vignerons en Développement Durable (“Winegrowers for Sustainable Development”) charter and label encompassing 37 specific commitments to respecting the environment as well as to producing quality wines, contributing to the local economy, and enhancing people’s well-being.