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Viognier: aromatic star of the rhone valley

The Viognier grape, a white variety that captivates wine enthusiasts with its floral and fruity aromas, stands as a true star of the Rhône Valley.

Recognizable by its small, round, pale green berries, Viognier is a robust grape variety capable of thriving in arid, rocky soils. Its resilience and adaptability make it a staple of the southern Rhône terroirs.

In the prestigious Condrieu appellation in the northern Rhône Valley, Viognier shines brilliantly. It produces aromatic and expressive wines, revealing enchanting notes of white peaches, apricots, and acacia flowers.

However, Viognier isn’t limited to the northern region. In the south, within the Côtes du Rhône Villages Visan appellation, it flourishes alongside its grape companions—Roussanne, Clairette, and Grenache Blanc—to create wines of great elegance and complexity.

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